Monday, December 3, 2012

10 must see websites for pastel artists

Today I want to focus on the business side of the art industry.  I have been so lucky to have the resources to grow my business and continue to paint while helping to provide for my family.  I would like to pass on some of those tips and resources to you.

A lot of my contacts and resources are local, so I tried to pick some that are across the board.  If you are interested in a list of local Pittsburgh resources, leave a comment below.

1. BNI International - I started the list with this organization because it has been such a large influence in my business life.  BNI is a group of entrepreneurs who meet weekly and pass along referrals and tips.  This organization has helped me develop my business and networking skills.  And I have made some great friends along the way.

2. Wild West Online Productions - I previously included some commercials that were produced by this company.  In addition to having great insight on social media, Wild West also creates websites -- they created my website design, and I'm very happy with it.

3. Professional Artist - This magazine is formerly Art Calendar.  Some great articles, resources, and calls to artists.

4. Pastel Journal - Another magazine website, part of the Artist's Network site. They have a good many blogs to follow: The Artist's Network blog, Pastel Journal blog, Richard McKinley's Pastel Pointers blog, Watercolor Artists blog, and Holiday Gift Guides.

5. Richard McKinley - This is another link for all you pastel artists out there.  I've had the honor of attending some of Richard McKinley's workshops.  He's amazing!  And a very good teacher.

6. Mabef Easels - I've been using Mabef most recently for painting outdoors.  When I start my landscape paintings, the beginning stages are developed onsite.  These easels have been great for that environment.

7. Central Art Supply - Located in Medford, Oregon, Central Art Supply is a great resource for, well, art supplies.  Not to mention product lines endorsed by Richard McKinley.

8. Dakota Art - Pastels, pastels, pastels.  They have so many choices - soft pastels, pastel pencils, paper for pastels.  It's one of my favorite sources.

9. Vista Print - I actually discovered this site through a non-profit that I am involved with.  It is a great place to get cheap invitations, posters, business cards, and a lot more.  I would suggest that you definitely invest in some business cards.  It will ease networking.

10. No BS Marketing - I have been attending No BS Marketing meetings for the past 2 years, and during that time, my art business has definitely taken off.  They have taught me a number of ways to increase my online presence, effectively reach out to my customers, and grow my business.  Check it out!