Friday, November 22, 2013

Huddling with the Steelers

Hi, it's Linda!

I can’t wait to tell you about the extraordinary experience I just had at Heinz Field with Franco Harris!  

Wednesday night, I filmed an episode of the KDKA-TV show, “Steelers Huddle” in front of a live audience… there was even a band!  Bob Pompeani and Chris Hoke were also there, and we all talked about my painting, "Franco Harris - The Immaculate Reception Story."  

The crowd cheered and clapped when I mentioned how important the fans – all of you – are to Franco, and how he wanted to make sure that the fans were included in the painting.  Franco also wanted to make sure that the painting would be affordable for anyone who would want to invest in it, so we created options at all pricing levels:  On my website,, I’m offering:

·         Postcard sets at $19.95
·         Lithographs at $39.95
·         Limited-edition artist proofs (hand-signed by Franco himself) at $250.00
·         Artist-enhanced limited-edition giclee prints (hand-signed by Franco) at $600.00

I hope you’ll watch me with Franco and my other co-stars on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 30th) at 11:30 PM on KDKA!  I will be live tweeting that night as well. So don't forget to follow me on twitter @lindabarnicott.

Best to all of you,


P.S. I will be at 2 PPG all day today, Friday, November 22nd, for Light Up Night. Beginning Saturday, you can find me at the Chalets in Market Square every day until December 23rd. I am close to the walkway to the PPG skating rink. Hope to see you there!

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